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Straight text. «Undiplomatic letter» from former Foreign Minister to EU and USA


Vladimir Ogryzko — Ukrainian Foreign Minister from 2007 to 2009 — wrote an appeal to the leaders of the United States and the European Union in his blog on the «Ukrainskaja Pravda». Wrote in the language understood by those to whom it is addressed. «MediaPort» held that this «letter» should read not only foreigners, and translated the «hot» blog of Vladimir Ogryzko.

Appeal to those EU and US leaders who still can act!

During almost three months already the Ukrainian people defend their right for freedom, democracy and own dignity. Today, this fight caused blood again. The ruling regime reinforces repressions. Tensions have reached their limits. A new, more powerful explosion of people's anger is possible. The consequences might be unpredictable.

Under these circumstances "the policy of non-interference" of the EU and the US feels like an obvious betrayal, especially in the light of Russia's political pressure, economic blackmail and direct involvement of mercenaries in fight against the Ukrainian people.

Your governments adopt all the right declarations. Your politicians make nice statements. But for our authorities and Kremlin it is an empty sound. They only understand the language of power and real actions.

Your inaction under these circumstances unleashes their hands. They are not going to compromise. They will continue to torture Ukrainians.

Or do you maybe follow this goal?

Why don't you impose, at least, targeted sanctions against those who gave orders to beat students, to adapt dictatorial laws, to shoot peaceful demonstrators, to chase and torture those, who stand for European values in Ukraine.

Or do you maybe have already other values?

Or have you maybe reached secret agreements with Moscow about its protectorate over Ukraine? If so, you should know: this will not happen. Instead you will get a new source of danger in Europe against which the former Yugoslavia was a minor problem. You even do not imagine what Ukrainians are capable of!

Then we will have two results: a real collapse of the European dream and a new terrifying East Asian Empire that will eventually swallow you.

Wake up! Think about your moral commitments to the Ukrainian people during the Russian Genocide – Holodomor of 1932 – 1933, when your fully aware predecessors kept silent; to the millions of Ukrainian victims of the World War II when two despots burned the Ukrainian land twice, but "somehow" your politicians forgot to convict and punish communism; for appeals of your politicians in the late 1980s to stay in the new Russian Empire; for your reluctance to act against current threats from the East.

Do you feel comfortable this way?

Ukrainians will not remain silent anymore. We will tell the truth how bitter it might sound to you. Maybe this will wake up your lulling conscience.

Your actions or inaction will proof: whether you have true values you are willing to fight for or whether it is just bluff and immorality.

What is now the price of the "European dream"? Or should one ask Kremlin?

Maybe now you will understand that it is time to act!